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SAP Implementation and Support

Our consultants average over eight years of SAP-specific experience that spans all SAP solutions and business disciplines such as supply chain optimization, finance and cost accounting, and business Intelligence. In addition, we provide services that address the functional, technical and infrastructure requirements of an SAP solution. Extensive experience combined with our breadth of offerings enables BrightMinds to deliver comprehensive solutions that require fewer consultants and shorter implementation periods.

Our SAP focus is coupled with a high degree of vertical expertise in the Apparel and Footwear, chemical, and high technology industries. This combined focus enables BrightMinds to bring a unique perspective to our customers within these targeted industries. In addition, we establish a level of personalization with our customers, to enable us quickly respond to frequently changing customer needs.

We can reduce the total SAP implementation time using the following Tools/Processes:

BrightMinds Value-Delivery-Model
Generate Business Process Documents using BrightAnalyzer ®
Time-to-implement pre-configured processes
Pre-built solutions for specific industry segment (Eg. iAccMan ® for Hi-Tech industries)
Tools and processes for Business value extractors
Faster Implementation Time at an optimized cost using Global Development Centers in US, Singapore and India
Custom Enterprise Application components development

If your business requires a customized enterprise software application, BrightMinds can work with you and your organization to design, develop, test, and 'roll-out' a high quality application into production.

We have the capability of working with a variety of development tools which allows us to choose the best tools for the job. Our philosophy is to rapidly deliver high quality applications at a low cost to our clients. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure customer satisfaction in the end. We will also work with your I.T. staff to provide the appropriate training to enable them to deliver on-going support for the new application.
Software QA and Testing
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